Thanks to the success of our blog, Youtube channel, workshops and group projects CHY gets the opportunity to help teach and recommend products and techniques.  While we do place a strong focus on small artisan brands like the drop spindles ( and sometimes needles and hooks) found on our main shop page we understand sometimes you need more options or speedier delivery than can always be accommodated by small business.  We will be slowly adding a very small group of products that we are already recommending in our blog and channels to this affiliate link page.  The way that works is instead of going to amazon and just searching for these products you would click on the links on this page and then check out like normal.  By doing that Amazon then gives CHY a small percentage of their sale price( not extra from you) for helping them advertise.  If you have a fiber product or book that you love please email me at and I'll pick one up and check it out.  If it thrills us too we'll look into adding a link to our site.  If you know anyone who would love these and are recommending them yourself please share the link to this page because every little bit helps when it comes to small business. 

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This is my all time favorite Knitting needle set, It's a fabulous price and comes with different wire length options.  As seen in my beginner knitting tips blog. 

Birch wood is my preferred needle material 

knit picks needle set

Knit Picks Needle Set


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I like to wind by chunky yarn by hand but if you are wrapping many balls or fine yarn that can be a pain.  This Knit pIcks Ball winder is the best price on a good product on the market I've found.  It would need to be used in connection with a swift.  


knit picks ball winder

Knit Picks Ball winder

add on needle for knit picks

Add on wires and caps 

These work with the knit picks needle set listed above

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The knit picks needle set comes with extra wires and ends for extra size , but if like all of use you get some many projects going at one time that you need extra wires then here you go.  The little metal tool is to help you tighten it down by sticking in in the small hole by the screw in part, that way you have a better grip for tightening.  ( it took me a while to figure that out)


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This set was recommend to me by one of my favorite people, like with knitting needles I also prefer the feel of wood for crochet hooks.  Knitters Pride is a very well known brand for standing behind their products quality.  

knitters pride rosewood crochet hooks

rosewood crochet hooks

They have Swarvoski Crystals in the handles !


This the type of swift I have and what I prefer. They easily store flat and are sturdy


Very helpful book on yarn desgin

A classic and great refrence

My first knitting book and a great place to start

Another great refence book, wth flash cards

newest book from one of my favorite maginzines

Lovely projects while you learn