Art Yarn Building blocks

Now that you’re enjoying spinning more “ normal yarns” it could be time to branch out to the wonderful world of art yarns. What are art yarns you ask? Well it probably depends on who you ask, I personally qualify any yarn that is perhaps larger, chunkier or inculdes fun add ins like beads, locks sequins etc. This bonus section is meant to build on itself similar to the rest of this course. I really hope you have fun playing with these different types of yarn. Some times creating for the sake of creativity is fun enough but I also think yarns of this kind can be thoughtfully incorporated into everything from knitting to weaving. I’d love to see what you you make so please tag us on instagram #craftyhousewifeyarns or share pictures in our facebook gr


CHY’s favorite Art Yarn supplies

Here’s list of suppliers that I use for all of the fun little add ins that may be hard to find at a craft store. I’ll keep adding to it as I find more so check back from time to time.

If you’re looking for some fiber to add your embellishments to here’s a couple from our site.

We can also make you a custom dyed merino braid if you have certain colors you’re looking for. Just send us a description of the colors you’d like in the form below. I’ll put you in contact with my personal favorite dye artist Christina Mossaad of Chromatic Dyenamics.

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