Want an INTRODUCTION to selling your craft in the Fiber Industry?

The Featured Artist Section of this site is unlike any other fiber selling site out there. We strive to build a community of sellers to best address the diverse taste in the fiber market. I believe that there are too many talented artist both selling and buying for just one collection of work to be enough so I would love to share some of the tips and strategies I’ve learned as I’ve built CHY with you while you’re getting going. Thanks to my past experience as an art gallery director in the fine art market, this section of our site will be treated just like an art gallery unlike other online DIY market places. In the gallery world artist bring their artist vision and work to a gallery who then handles the exposure, hype and presentation to the public. This free’s up the artist to continue to make art instead of worring about marketing and gives the gallery a platform to promote from.

Instead of having listings that you pay to post and have to add, manage and promote yourself while building a separate email list you will partner with CHY to promote and sell your work. You will submit your work to us via email with the listings and information written out and pictures ( including some white background images ) and our featured artist director will then add the listings and polish them up complete with SEO optimized keywords and built in shareable social links. Your work will be promoted and posted for you in shareable links on Pinterest , instagram , and our facebook community as well as featured in our email list newsletters. You of course are encouraged to start your own following and promote these easy to share links with them as well. We are not a search engine like ETSY so spreading the word is very important.

Since we’re not charging you to list or to pay the featured artist director to do the work or for any of the paid advertising that will go into your listings we will keep a small percentage from the sale to cover the transaction fees from the credit card or PayPal and the above mentioned expenses. The idea is that the Featured Artist Section is self sustaining which will benefit everyone and save you the time and aggravation of setting up your own shop.

Highly recommend if you…

  • Are new to selling and don’t know where to start and would like some guidance

  • Hate computer work and social media

  • would like to learn more about finding the right suppliers and pricing to enable you to consider wholesaling with local shops in the future.

  • Have found little luck getting engagement on Etsy and they’re high fee’s with little help

  • Would like to learn first hand while working how to start your own site or business and manage it. My hopes would be that as you grow you’ll start your own site and move on from us think of us as a stepping stone.

  • Have things people want to buy but have no where to send them to buy online. Having listings on a stand alone website gives the buyer much more security than buying off of facebook or stand alone listings elsewhere.

If you’d like a more traditional marketplace to list with that’s not ETSY I would highly recommend

If you would like more information on the specifics Please click below to get our featured artist guidelines.

Many of the tips that will help you to have pictures, shipping and listings that will be required are in this small Ebook I had put together Please grab a copy if you don’t already have one

We have just opened this for open submission but we do want to keep it somewhat limited so we can give everyone the attention promised and not have too much conflicting work. Please contact us below and tell us a bit about your work and if you have any questions to get the ball rolling and you’ll be contacted soon. Thanks so much!

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