Erin James


Owner, Fiber Artist, 

Wife, Mother

Art History/ Anthropology, 

compulsive yarn maker ,Coffee, Wine , Food, Humor


Viki Richardson

Fiber Artist


"I am the garden curator at the sculpture/botanical gardens in SC called Brookgreen Gardens.  I have worked in horticulture of about 26 years.  I went to college and studied Wildlife Technology, so I have always had and interest in nature.  When not at work I love to work in my own garden at home. I enjoy riding bikes and hiking in the woods. I have always enjoyed working with my hands. I used to sew and do a lot of needle craft.  I got into spinning because I like to keep and ancient craft alive and to provide people with hand crafted material to work with in making clothes or other items for their home. I am interested in learning to dye the fibers with natural materials.  I love the more natural colors vs. the brighter colors of the synthetic dyes.  It is import to me to keep the olds ways of doing things alive and not always  depend on factory made items.  



Christina Mossaad

Featured Fiber Artist

I am a mom to 4 earthside babies all under 7, former Orthopedic materials engineer with a MS, PhD from Rutgers University branching into thermodynamics of hydroxyapatite and inorganics, and hobbyist photographer (I've not picked up my big camera near enough since #3 was born 2 years ago). The transition from the electron microscope to the photography lens was natural, just as the transition from traditional chemistry to dye chemistry has been, but with a more artistic flair that makes it feel like a calling for a creative soul. I love bright, saturated colors in yarn and photography. I love custom mixing and color matching as well as helping in warp design where needed!

Check out her other work at  chromatic dyenamics



Patricia Coury of Barnyard Blue

A Feminine Farmers shop of Goods.... Farm sourced and themed craft and art items

We are so lucky to have a wonderful friend, supplier and fiber artist in Patrica. We carry her amazing BFL wool from her own boutique farm located in Boones Mill VA. We also use her fiber for many of our favorite yarns found on this site.  Check out her Etsy shop for her wonderful soaps and lotions made on her farm.  

I call my business "Barnyard Blue"' because my barnyard is filled with the color blue!! My favorite color ever. I even painted my barn blue.  
I grew up on a hobby farm, with most of my extended family being farmers. While my farm is not quite a "working" farm, it has become way more than a hobby.  
My four children have been raised with this rich life of animals and crafting. Now that I am in this next stage of life, I have tried my hand as an entrepreneur and found it to be quite rewarding.


renee mccausey of tailspinfarm

If you've never felt angora rabbit fiber you are surely missing out! I am so excited that CHY can offer Tailspinfarms amazing angora rabbit fiber and yarns in our shop.  Please check out her etsy shop to see her unique angora rabbit jewelry (I love it)

"We are a small angora rabbit farm right in the middle of the Michigan Mitt. Our products come from our animals raised here by us or from other small farmers. I hand spin and create all of our products just for you!" 


Blackberry Patch Homestead 

Blackberry Patch Homestead is in remote backwoods home place of East Tennessee. Fascinated by fiber and the process of turning fiber into yarn, as well as the heritage of being a self sufficient home economists. You can see their happening at:



Alyssa Floyd Unidled Hands

Unidled Hands was a name that litterally came to me while I was brushing my teeth. My grammie would always say "Idle hands are the Devil's tools". Shortly after I came across Proverbs 31: 10-31; an epilogue about a wife of noble character. My entire life I have loved all things crafty and this epilogue embodies everything I strive for.

At 14 I learned to crochet, which turned into an obsession with yarn. Eventually I came across spinning, knitting, and dyeing. At some point on my way down the rabbit hole I realized adventures in the fiber world are more of a team sport; and here we are now. My goal is to educate and encourage anyone who is interested in the wonderful world of fiber arts. I design batts for spinning, process sheep fleeces, dye yarn, and teach crocheting. With God, coffee, and all things fluffy I never have a reason to have idle hands. Follow me in this adventure on Facebook and Instagram @UnidledHands.


The Wild Fiber, By Jackie Gargano

I’m a maker, and a mother of 2. My fiber journey began as a small child. My grandmother taught me how to crochet and cross stitch. Since then I’ve been picking up various crafts, knitting, macramé, dyeing yarn/fiber and spinning fiber. My favorite so far is spinning yarn (and still crocheting). It’s something that I can share with my kids and also something I use as therapeutic tool. For me, spinning fiber into all different yarns is a craft in itself! The idea that you can make so many looks and textures with just one or two fibers is so fascinating to me! I hope you enjoy my yarns as much as I do! 

April Tonkin
Urban Farm Enthusiast

After a 7 year stint in Las Vegas, NV we finally were able to re-locate back to Knoxville, TN.  I have the privilege of raising two teenagers all while getting our 15 acre West Knoxville farm up and running. Having always had some sort of "sheep fetish"- I purchased  4 miniature southdown babydoll sheep in 2016!! I’m certainly thrilled Erin is able to make something natural and beautiful from my babydolls fiber. Spanky, Moses, Bristol and Kahlua are over the moon to be highlighted by such an awesome Tennessee artist. 


Jessica Jane Patterson

Spinning Shadows

Spinning Shadows hopes to teach about the fiber arts and the Joys of handspun. Please check our their Youtube Channel here


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