gin and spin podcast

Gin & Spin 7 Solo podcast mini episode We get ready for Halloween and Outlander Yarn a long

This is a quick little podcast where I catch you up on all of the yarn goings on around here, debate why my children won't nap and get excited bout some 90's inspired horror yarn ( goosebumps yarn !) Also Kate Whiting the knitwear designer is in our outlander yarn along which is starting up soon. So get your yarn and come join us.

Gin & Spin 5 Interview with Kari Capone of Kari's Kits and Knitters unwind

We have a great interview about mental health and knitting , crochet and spinning.  yarn shops & knit kits and one marginally dirty joke. . Of course yarn and spinning.  You can find Kari at and and on all the socials under the same names.