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Angora Rabbit Fur multiple colors


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    This is 1 ounce of beautiful English Angora rabbit fiber.  This is a mix of combed and sheared fiber, and as you can see from the photos it has a 5" staple length. This will spin up into a lovely yarn for any pattern and have that amazing "halo" effect.

    Sold in 1 oz bundles

    Hand gathered from Tail Spin Farm in MI

    They are from four different rabbits. "Chuzzy" will be on the light grey side of things and "Peter" will be on the light beige side more. Grechen and Flopsey are mother and daughter and they have a light tawny fur, Blaze has a grey color

    Also Black Clover and Matilda who are sisters with grey fur and look very similar

    You can also choose an option of all of the light grey fiber mixed together.

    This fiber is natural color of the rabbit


    Rabbit/ color:
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    chuzzy fiber 2 oz.jpg
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    Angora Rabbit fiber
    Angora Rabbit wool
    Angora Rabbit Fur multiple colors
    angora bunnies

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    Dont miss out on Tailspin Farms youtube channel ! One of my favorites