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Thanks to the popularity of our YouTube Channel and local spinning workshops or lessons as a Spinolution Dealer I have complied a step by step “ home cook” approach to teaching spinning. I have found that most people are looking for the tools and knowledge to plan out and execute their own art yarn. Spinning as an extension to more commonly found fiber arts like knitting, crochet & weaving can be a fantastic creative outlet especially for those of us who have not felt comfortable in other mediums like drawing, painting etc. This was definitely what I found in spinning. It has given me a tactile creative and artistic expression that I always wanted to have but never could express through other artistic outlets. This is my hope for this course is to spread this knowledge to others so that they may find their own way and enrich their own lives. The fiber arts is such an important part of so many cultures that by it’s very nature it helps to bring us all together.

Over 2.5 hours of video footage in 26 different videos.

Each module comes with it’s own printable homework worksheets to take you step by step through learning to spin on a wheel while teaching you how to design your own art yarn outcome.

Features many color pictures and diagrams in addition to the videos for those of us who are visual learners.

While this course is not super technical you will learn the different styles of spinning ( worsted or short draw, or woolen or long draw) as well as different fiber preparations.

Module 1 get to know different types of spinning wheel, historic and modern and which would be best for you.

Module 2 learn about different spinning fibers for spinning yarn ( So you can plan out your own dream yarn)

Module 3 - Learn about some different fiber prep options and how they affect you finial yarn

Module 4 - Let’s go over the basics of yarn spinning. This is your foundation to refer back to.

Module 5 - This is your reference to how to experiment with different fiber types to create your dream yarn.

Module 6 - plying , troubleshooting and bonus info including a comprehensive video on

  • How to Navajo or chain ply.

  • Alternative ways to set yarn after spinning

  • Alternative fiber prep, including combs, cards and a diz

  • Troubleshooting over twist and under twist and many other common problems

  • Recourses on where to buy fibers mentioned in the course with a focus on small farms and artist.

You will be automatically sent a private log in for this course and you will also gain access if you would like to a private facebook group( Design your own dream yarn with CHY) just for members of this course that will be staffed with members of the CHY team to help cheer you on and troubleshoot. We’re also hoping this will be a fun and encouraging closed group to share pictures and progress in and hopefully make new friends in the fiber comunity who are like minded. This is a different group from our public “ handspun yarn love group”

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What other’s are saying….

I went through the spinning course this weekend and I just wanted to thank you for creating such an informative course. A spinner here gave me a drop spindle kit at an art show this past summer and I completely fell in love with spinning. After I got through the merino braid from the kit I was completely lost on what type of fiber I would like to order but doing this course helped me see how each type would behave. I’ve been afraid to invest in a spinning wheel since their aren’t many local resources for spinners here but going through the course felt like I had someone was sitting with me and showing me exactly how they spin, how to fix common mistakes and what are the important things to be aware of. I know I will be referring to this course a lot when I’m ready to get a wheel. Thanks so much!
— A.F
I live high in the mountains
We have a shortage of shopping here, so I do most of my studying and purchasing on-line. I have viewed some of your previous movies on-line, and I really liked what I saw. I also love the philosophy and warm feelings I get from you and your business. I just wanted to let you know, I appreciate all the work you have put into this website and Yarn Course.
— S.S
The Crafty Housewife Yarns Spin Your Dream Yarn course is fantastic! The information covered is perfect for beginner spinner to advanced. Erin makes all the information so useful and approachable. You really can spin the yarn of your dreams with her instruction and a little practice!
— A.B