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First Chill Bulky Fingerless Glove Kit


Perfect to break in your knitting skills for fall and winter knitting, A quick and mostly simple knit that will quickly provide you with something lovely for the fall.  Art yarn will make this accessory stand out. Why be just one in a mass produced crowd.  

Kit includes your choice of bulky knit hand dyed yarn form CHY signature collection.  Hand carved locally sourced Birch needles form a small business in NC.  A small needle to sew up the sides.  Printed pattern

Stats on Needles

  • 9 inches long , great for knitting thick infinity scarfs 
  • Hade made of Birch Wood In NC
  • Crafty Housewife Yarns Logo etched in the side
  •  Individually hand- crafted of renewable native birch in NC
  • Tight grain and extra- ordinary flexibility, birch has long been the preferred wood for knitting needles and crochet hooks.
  • Hand sanded for exceptional smoothness and finished with a natural oil. Their beauty and smoothness increase with use as they develop a lovely patina with exposure to light and other natural oils from wool and your hands.


Stats on Yarn

  • Hand dyed handspun yarn 
  • 4oz
  • Approx 75+ yards
  • Signature color way so your projects will stand out for quality and distinctiveness
  •  100% natural Merino wool sourced from a small historical family owned mill in the US
  • Bulky weight slightly thick and thin for quick and enjoyable projects suitable for an active life style
color way:
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