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Handspun Yarn and Fiber Subscriptions!!!

from 12.00

After much request We've decided to give monthly mystery boxes a try.

We are technically offering 4 different types. two small more affordable options from me ( one for handspun and one for Spinning Fiber)

Two larger luxury options from Fiber artist Christina Mossaad the mastermind and Dyemaster from Chromatic Dyenamics. ( one for handspun yarn and one for spinning fiber)

If you're looking for a small cheap thrill to come in the mail each month choose the smaller option!

You will receive a 2-3 oz skein of handspun yarn  


You will receive a 1-2 oz art batt or spinning fiber bundle and assorted small goodies from me perfect for spinning, mixing, felting, weaving etc

With the super fancy pants option we're really cutting Christina loose which is a good thing. She loves working with Silk, vivid colors and luxury blends. Anything you receive from her will be truly luxurious

Choose either the Yarn or fiber box from her and you will receive 4oz of magical fiber or yarn.

Any orders placed in the first 3 weeks of the month will count towards the current month and will be sent out asap. Any orders placed in the last few days of a month will count towards the next month ( we’ll email you and make sure you understand this if you’re at the end of the month)

We will email you the following month and ask if you’d like to receive another box next month, you can then either keep the same box, switch box types or ask not to receive one. There are a limited number of these that can be made at any given month so once slots fill up they will be marked sold out fo the month, this is why getting first dibs when we email you is pretty sweet. This way there's no expecive up front fee, no contract or being locked in and you can pick different boxes different months and try new things.

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