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Heaven's Bales Babydoll Blend


Southdown babydoll sheep might be the cutest sheep I’ve ever laid eyes on. They are small and friendly and considered to be very adorable lawnmowers. This yarn and fiber comes straight from my favorite local boutique farm “Heaven’s Bales” right here in Knoxville TN. Southdown babydoll sheep are small and thick and adorable. Their fleece is pretty unique I think it it a shorter fiber length while also being very fine. This makes for a very squishy springy fuzzy yarn while also being nice to touch.

  • each skien is approx 2 oz and 60 yards

  • 2 ply with a mix of natural chocolate and white

  • fabulous texture great for structured projects like hat’s gloves or bandanas or any weaving project.

  • The white sheep is named spanky, you can’t get any cuter than yarn made from a short fat sheep named spanky that smiles.

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