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Icelandic and Mohair Weavers or Mini Skein Bundles

30.00 45.00

If you’re looking to add something wild, rustic and luxurious to your craft projects then look no further than these mini skein bundles. These coordinating skeins would be perfect added into a weaving, or knitted or crocheted together.

Each bundle contains approx. 7.6 oz total weight and 65 yards of bulky weight yarn.

1 pure white mohair locks

1 black icelandic wool with white mohair locks

1 black white and grey Icelandic wool with mohair locks

1 black white and grey Icelandic wool hand dyed into jewel tones of purples, greens and blues with white mohair locks

All fibers sourced from small American farms and hand processed and spun

These are very textured and scrappy style yarns, The mohair locks are individually placed during spinning.

textured single ply

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