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natural dyeable merino handspun yarn bases

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Now available for those who want to experiment with or dye their own handspun yarn.

Nothing beats the unique textures that can be achieved from handspinning and sometimes you want to have a hand in making your own “dream yarn”. With our “rustic dyeable collection” you can now pick the base style you like and then dye it whatever color you choose. These are also great used just like they are as a natural option. These natural beauties should be any weavers, knitters or crochet artist dream! Let’s all enjoy creating together.

  • 4 oz each

  • 100% super soft merino wool from a small mill in PA

  • pick your texture, dk/worsted, bulky/ chunky , exaggerated thick and thin, beehive spiral.

    Just choose the texture of your base and the quantity you’d like!

base size:
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dyeable handspun yarn
bee hive yarn
natural handspun yarn
un dyed wool yarn
bee hive yarn
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Additional Info

dk/worsted  approx 150 yards

 bulky/ chunky 80 yards approx

exaggerated thick and thin, approx 80 yards

beehive spiral 60 yards approx

Approx “ Wraps Per inch” around a pencil

  • worsted 8-10

  • Bulky/ chunky 7

  • chunky thick and thin or beehive  4-5