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rustic singles solid colors

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For those projects that require yarn that’s both simple and sumptuous. We will be slowly adding new yarn colors and bases bases off of our rustic un dyed collection.

All of these hand spun singles are slightly thick and thing and vary slightly in gage.

Approx “ Wraps Per inch” around a pencil

  • worsted 10

  • Bulky/ chunky 7

  • chunky thick and thin 4-5

All Skeins are 4 oz, yardage varies depending on type. Below are the approx. yardage by type

  • worsted 95-100 7

  • Bulky/ chunky 80 y

  • chunky thick and thin 60 y

  • As with any yarn project drape and gage can be affected a lot by how tight or loose you knit.

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teal handspun yarn
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chunky handspun yarn
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