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Erin James became a dealer in 2017, hit the ground running, and has the sales record to prove it. You can find her informative videos on YouTube and Instagram, and chat with her in the SpinOlution Facebook Group.

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Thank you for checking us out! So you're probably wondering who we are and what the big deal is about handspun yarn and the fiber arts right? My name is Erin James and this is our family run business. There are so many beautiful yarns out there for your projects but I have found that the pieces I love the most are the ones that I connected with personally.  The fiber arts by nature is a traditional and nostalgic process, this is what I love so much about it.  I always felt that there was something romantic and enduring about pieces made the old way by hand.  Once I found that I could create my own yarn and spinning fiber inspired by whatever dream was in my head I was hooked.  I consider myself blessed to get to work with so many wonderful people and fiber artist ranging from passionate beginners to seasoned pros.  The reason I'm so passionate about handspun yarn is that it is created like magic just about out of thin air.  Instead of waiting for large companies to tell you what type of projects you can make based off what type of yarn they are making, handspun yarn allows you to start with something that already has life in it.  We have a wonderful time creating new limited edition collections through out the year and continuing our old favorites.  Please join in on the fun by finding us on social media or joining our email list.  This truly is a small artistic business and we love working with people to all create the yarn and projects of our wildest dreams.  We believe that nothing is better than squishing a new skein of yarn or ball of fiber and imagining what to make out of it.  Click here to meet our family and friends

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