Module 4 Let's get spinning

Are you excited?! This is the module where we finally get all of your carefully prepped fiber on the wheel and start making some yarn.  We'll cover getting the fiber started on the wheel, explain gears and ratios in regular language and how they can help you make your dream yarn.  Let's get spinning.  

I’ve talked a lot about “spinning by feel” what I mean by this is to practice till your fingertips get smart. You will be able to feel in-between your fingers when the fiber is turning into yarn, when the perfect amount of twist has been achieved and when the yarn is the gage that you want, thin and well balanced or chunky and fluffy…. As you’re learning the basics please slow down and really feel the fiber and learn what those traits feel like to you. Notice your foot speed, your hand speed. Slow down and breathe just like you would in a yoga class or gardening and really enjoy the tactile experience of spinning. To me this is what really puts you apart from the pack and lets you really enjoy not just the final “dream yarn” but the process which is the most important after all.