compare spinolution wheels

compare spinolution wheels


We have a Youtube channel that features spinning tips and reviews shown on spinolution wheels.  Please check it out and like & subscribe.  If you have a topic you'd like to see covered please contact us and we'd be happy to make you a video to add to the channel. 

compare spinolution wheels , Spinolution Bullfrog

Brand New Spinolution Wheel The Bullfrog

We've gotten our hand on the bullfrog and it's amazing!! Check out the official reviews and demos on the crafty housewife yarns YouTube Channel.

Spinolution Spinning Wheels

Y'all I'm am so excited about this! If you are even remotely familiar with my brand you already know that I am passionate about the "Made in America"  and handcrafting movement . Thanks to the growth in my business I needed a second travel wheel to allow for more spinning time and expansion, after ( lots) of research I decided to get the Spinolution Pollywog.  I just loved everything I read about the company and felt that their values fit my own.  I was also blown away with their customer service not to mention the amazing truly unique wheel designs.  I knew I had to become a dealer to incorporate this wonderful brand in with my fiber arts products.  Every Wheel is made by hand in America and comes with my highly customizable options.  Please check them out in the shop section of my website.  I have all of the Wheels and main accessories listed as separate listings.  They do offer great packages for many of the wheels, because I would want to make sure we got exactly what you wanted if you would like a package deal or any upgrades ,  extra bobbins etc  please email me or message me on Facebook and we'll get a custom listing put together just for you. 

Please be advised that shipping time is 4 - 6 weeks ( sometimes earlier)  to allow for them to be custom made

Also due to Spinolution being they're own company any of my coupons and sales to not extend to the Spinolution products.  

Layaway is available  please email me and we'll set up something that will work for you

Free shipping on All Wheels in the USA


Contact me to order packages, extra parts, or if you have questions about anything

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