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  • 7 common mistakes that lead to failure 

  • 4 things I wish I knew before I started my own handmade business 

  • The best kept secret that no one is telling you about raising prices 

  • Step-by-step system to create an expandable handmade business

Would you like to know the exact free product line training that launched CHY? I’m thrilled to announce we have a new sponsor, my friend and very own marketing and craft business coach Renae Christine! Sign up below to get the free training for yourself.
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Renae Christine product line training
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THE LEADING TEACHER FOR HANDMADE BUSINESSES After making mistake after mistake, Renae finally built a six figure handmade stationery company from home. Now, Renae teaches her 'Besties' how to avoid the same mistakes and profit from their handmade businesses from home. Renae has since created more than 700 free trainings, is an Amazon best selling author, and has been featured in ABC, NBC, Fox News, Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post and thousands of other publications around the world.


In case you wanted to see the time Renae interviewed me on my success after using her systems.



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