chunky thick and thin yarn

For the love of chunky yarn

Ah Chunky yarn, We all love to squish you in shops and booths. For some people soft fluffy chunky yarn is our natural go to for projects while for others it can seem a bit confusing. While I think everyone can agree on its beauty, not everyone can picture what exactly to make with it. I personally love using chunky yarn. This probably has something to do with the season of life that I’m currently in. With the girls and Jolene constantly running circles around me the thought of a quick, cozy and textural knit is super appealing. While many chunky knits are super simple which lets their texture really shine some feature chunky lace patterns or drop stitches. I think the same can be said for yarn with beads or embellishments, beehives, or thick and thin yarn. All you have to do with more textured yarn is look for a pattern where you’re not forcing the yarn to behave in a flat compact fabric. If you leave a little breathing room I think you’ll be really happy with your result. When working with Chunky or embellished yarn I like to think about the finial product more like a sculpture than a garment, for me at least that lets me embrace the chunkiness of it all. Below are some fabulous chunky patterns I found ( and saved in my favorites) on Ravelry. All of these would use 1-2 of our Chunky weight yarn skeins.

As always we’d love to see what you make. If you have any projects made with fantastic handspun or art yarn , ours , yours or someone else’s please tag us on instagram #craftyhousewifeyarns


click images for links, All patterns are knit except for the bottom one from cocoon homespun ( don’t miss the 20% off coupon on her site)

Thick and thin handspun yarn knitting tips

As someone who is in the handspun yarn business I'm always sad when I'm checking out google and see blog post from people who claim to be having trouble knitting with handspun yarn.  This is what promoted me to write my earlier blog post on knitting with hand spun.  Now if you haven't been living under a rock you've probably noticed that the "thick and thin " or big chunky single ply yarn has been " in vogue " here lately.  My first pet peeve is that giant balls of roving wool keep being listed for sale on Etsy as "chunky yarn".  I Think this is a shame because a novice knitter could buy this and try to knit one of those giant yarn blankets out of it and then be out a lot of money and very sad when it starts pulling part due to the fact that it has no twist and is not actually yarn.  Secondly this really muddies the water for those of us actually in the yarn selling business if that's what people now think chunky or bulky yarn is.  

I had just finished making a really lovely infinity cowl made from my merino thick and thin yarn for a customer and friend and after working with the yarn I figured it wouldn't hurt to put out a short ( hopefully somewhat funny and informative video).

 I know I use you tube all the time for everything from drum carder techniques to why is my garage door not working right? So when I try to find the answer to a particular question and I can't find exactly what I'm looking for I figure I can't be the only one.  So for as much as I'm not looking to become the next star you tuber. I'll leave that to my two girls who love to make videos for the grandparents. I figured this might help someone.    Below are some really pretty projects I found on pinterest for knitting with bulky thick and thin yarn.  They are saved to my "handspun yarn dream projects board" and conveniently linked below for your viewing pleasure.  

Click on the images below for links to the pins with more info on the thick and thin handspun yarn projects

Click on the images below to see examples of thick and thin yarn in my shop.  Some are more sublte in thick and thin nature than others.