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Drop Spindle Tips I wish I had known...

Well here's a companion video for my popular video " knitting tips I wish I'd known"  

I'm self taught and pretty excellent at making mistakes and then figuring them out, I like to think that this gives me a super power to explain things to people who may be making the same weird mistakes.  

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Distaffs, old and new

I have been spinning yarn happily not knowing what a distaff was for for a few years now and it wasn't until our local spinners guild had a great speaker, Kim Caulfeild who came and spoke on the subjuct that I understood what they were used for exactly.  I like many of you thought that the the distaff was a funny stick used to hold fiber and that is mentioned in the bible a few times.  Well it turns out it's much more useful that just being a funny stick.  According to Kim by wrapping the fiber supply around a distaff it keeps your arm in a more comfortable position while drop spindling for long periods of time.  After trying one I must say I agree.  I think when you are first learning to drop spin that having to hold two things is probably too complicated but if you really enjoy useing drop spindles that a distaff could be a fun addition to your collection.  Below are a few videos on topic and pictures of the nylon replicas I bought of some of Kim's fabulous ancient Roman collection.  After I made a youtube video showing these people started asking where they could buy a distaff and I was having a hard time finding some to send people too.  We are lucky enough that our friend Renee at Tailspin farms ( our angora rabbit yarn and fiber) also makes spinners tools and she's made some really fun wire and felted angora rabbit distaffs.  These modern distaffs are beautilful, fun and affordable so I will be officially be sending anyone looking to pick up one to try to her shop( check out her angora rabbit jewelry while you're there)

Feel free to comment with any qustions.  Happy Drop spinning.  

left handed yarn spinning , questions answered

As promised I went in search for answers to your questions about left handed spinning.  Some of you had questions about getting started spinning yarn as a left handed person.

 I did a bit of digging and asking in the fiber world to see if there were different types of spinning wheels or drop spindles that were preferred amongst left handed people and it turns out that there's really not.  

The main difference with learning to spin if your left handed is that you will be doing things backwards from what you may be seeing in how to videos or classes if the teacher is right handed.  Just like writing or cooking your dominant hand will come into play.  If you are left handed you will be drafting ( pulling the fiber slowly apart) with your left hand instead of your right.  This will only affect which hand you are using for your lead drafting and pinching hand nothing else. 

left handed spinning questions answered

While I was looking I checked out youtube to see if there was a good video to link for demo purposes and I wasn't really happy with what came up so I made one.  For unknown reasons there was a problem uploading mine so it's now in two parts so please excuse the choppy ending on video one and then continue watching on video 2.  

Please let me know what you think and if this helps to answer your questions.  For those of you who are not in my handspun yarn love group it is where these questions and discussions originally came from.  This is a private fiber group you can find off of my business page, or just searching groups on Facebook.  We would love to have you join in on the conversation.