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Upcycle your plastic shop bags with the ultimate Plarn market bag

I absolutely hate the idea of things ending up in the landfill that don't need to so I just love this new project

All of those plastic store bags drive me nuts, thats one thing I love about trader joes is I find the paper bags with handles much more useful.  Recently one of my oldest friends and fellow crafty work form home moms came to visit for a long weekend.  We had a great time going to our local spinners guild meeting where Jamie quickly picked up drop spindling and we took the girls to visit a local fiber farm.  All weekend Jamie was knitting away on this fantastic market plarn bag as a gift for me.  The more I looked at it the more I was impressed with all of her well thought out details and designs.  I just knew as soon as I shared pictures of it and started using it around down that everyone would want one.  Since her bags are actually award winning in earth and eco fairs in the Orlando FL area she is familiar with people wanting their own.  Since they are fairly time consuming with making the yarn from bags and then knitting them we decided it was more practical to make a "mini course" to go with the pattern so people could make their own, teach a man to fish, or plarn you know...

The best news is this fun project uses a ton of those annoying bags, it also gives you a fun scavenger hunt aspect to your shopping so that you can find different colors to work into your yarns.... 

Jamie can be found on Ravelry as jamiemyselfandi , we're also on our facebook group handspun yarn love , please share all of your fun  eco projects with us. Once you know how to plarn we're sure you'll find many creative uses for it!