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Adventures in Lexington KY

Bourbon, Yarn, and Christmas lights…..

woodford reserve barrel room

The husband an I made the short couple hour drive up to Lexington KY form Knoxville this weekend for his birthday. He’s a bourbon enthusiast, so am I even though we all know I prefer gin when I spin but that’s big bourbon country. We spent a wonderful weekend on a bus tour of the bourbon trail which is nestled in history and the extensive horse farms. We also caught a late show from one of our favorite comics. Of course this trip wasn’t without the fair share of yarn. It was freezing cold so I had much opportunity to bundle up in some of my favorite knitted items as well as a good bit of car knitting for our Outlander Yarn along in our facebook group. I also had a couple yarn shops down town that I wanted to scope out and we were lucky that both were close to where we were staying. Magpie yarns was a lovely little shop with in walking distance of main street and the college district. They had a lovely selection of pretty yarns and pattern samples made up. I bought a really pretty skein of yarn from a local dyer that I plan to use for a pattern I’ve been dreaming up using a skein of bright indie dyed yarn along side the new natural colored yarns we’ve been spinning for the natural collection that will be coming out with “ The domestic engineer” a fantastic business out of Atlanta. The next day we went to Rebelle yarns which I’d been really exciting about visiting because with their fun indie and local selection and slogan “ reinventing domesticity” and cute pink trimmed shop I knew it would be a great place to hang out. I got some lovely dyed falkland wool from “ Deviant Fibers” a local dyer and one of the owners of the shop. For those of you who aren’t impressed with how fun a bourbon tour could be it really was a ton of fun. We visited Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey and Woodford Reserve. The distilleries were so old and had so much history and they were all surrounded by these huge horse farms which was something I’d never seen. Now we’re back home and back to reality but that’s not bad news because we’ve got christmas parties and preschool pagents to go to. I hope you’re having a great holiday season in whatever adventures you find.