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For the love of chunky yarn

Ah Chunky yarn, We all love to squish you in shops and booths. For some people soft fluffy chunky yarn is our natural go to for projects while for others it can seem a bit confusing. While I think everyone can agree on its beauty, not everyone can picture what exactly to make with it. I personally love using chunky yarn. This probably has something to do with the season of life that I’m currently in. With the girls and Jolene constantly running circles around me the thought of a quick, cozy and textural knit is super appealing. While many chunky knits are super simple which lets their texture really shine some feature chunky lace patterns or drop stitches. I think the same can be said for yarn with beads or embellishments, beehives, or thick and thin yarn. All you have to do with more textured yarn is look for a pattern where you’re not forcing the yarn to behave in a flat compact fabric. If you leave a little breathing room I think you’ll be really happy with your result. When working with Chunky or embellished yarn I like to think about the finial product more like a sculpture than a garment, for me at least that lets me embrace the chunkiness of it all. Below are some fabulous chunky patterns I found ( and saved in my favorites) on Ravelry. All of these would use 1-2 of our Chunky weight yarn skeins.

As always we’d love to see what you make. If you have any projects made with fantastic handspun or art yarn , ours , yours or someone else’s please tag us on instagram #craftyhousewifeyarns


click images for links, All patterns are knit except for the bottom one from cocoon homespun ( don’t miss the 20% off coupon on her site)

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Are you a Yarn person but not a tech person?

So I find that the fiber community is pretty evenly split between folks who love the internet and technology and those who are most likely using dial up.  I even ended up being the " web person" for my local spinners guild because no one else wanted to do it.  I feel that this is to be expected because if you enjoy passing your time with yarn and spinning wheels you may not be into all things technology.  As a result I've gotten a good many questions about the website ravelry

Ravelry is an online search engine and community for fiber artist. I personally have sort of mixed feelings on it.  It absolutely can't be beat for pattern searching and finding new designers.  I personally prefer Instagram or Facebook for socializing and sharing projects just because I find the sites more user friendly and updated.  Here are some videos I made to give sort of a run down on the site and how useful I find it for finding the perfect pattern to incorporate some handspun or art yarn.  Please comment if you have any questions and I'll be here to help.  



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Upcycle your plastic shop bags with the ultimate Plarn market bag

I absolutely hate the idea of things ending up in the landfill that don't need to so I just love this new project

All of those plastic store bags drive me nuts, thats one thing I love about trader joes is I find the paper bags with handles much more useful.  Recently one of my oldest friends and fellow crafty work form home moms came to visit for a long weekend.  We had a great time going to our local spinners guild meeting where Jamie quickly picked up drop spindling and we took the girls to visit a local fiber farm.  All weekend Jamie was knitting away on this fantastic market plarn bag as a gift for me.  The more I looked at it the more I was impressed with all of her well thought out details and designs.  I just knew as soon as I shared pictures of it and started using it around down that everyone would want one.  Since her bags are actually award winning in earth and eco fairs in the Orlando FL area she is familiar with people wanting their own.  Since they are fairly time consuming with making the yarn from bags and then knitting them we decided it was more practical to make a "mini course" to go with the pattern so people could make their own, teach a man to fish, or plarn you know...

The best news is this fun project uses a ton of those annoying bags, it also gives you a fun scavenger hunt aspect to your shopping so that you can find different colors to work into your yarns.... 

Jamie can be found on Ravelry as jamiemyselfandi , we're also on our facebook group handspun yarn love , please share all of your fun  eco projects with us. Once you know how to plarn we're sure you'll find many creative uses for it!

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A lovely review of my yarn from Angela of Little Monkey Designs and Mastering Crochet Courses!

Angela is a friend of mine from an online fiber arts makers group that we are both in and I've had the privilege of brain storming a few ideas with her and I hope to be collaborating with her more in 2018.  Her business Little Monkey Designs is well known for great patterns, kits and premade items and it's really a pleasure and honor to get featured and reviewed on her site! She also launched a course last year called mastering Crochet that I've heard wonderful things about from people who have taken it and I've seen them take off crocheting ( with some of my yarn of course) pretty much right away.  Here is the link to the review of my yarn on her blog , there's video and everything very fancy... Little Monkey Review

Check out the beautiful cowl she made with one skein of my single ply worsted weight yarn!  Click the image for her free pattern

Check out the beautiful cowl she made with one skein of my single ply worsted weight yarn!  Click the image for her free pattern

If you're finding this pattern and it appears that we are in between collections and things are looking a bit picked over for the single ply worsted like in the pattern in our shop.... Please fill out this form below and I'll contact you about making you you're very own skein in the right size and yardage for this pattern but in the colors you would prefer for any occasion.  The form is just to ask questions you are not obligated to buy.  

Name *

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Rustic winter , handicrafts, tips, and recipes.

rustic winter
White chicken Chili


1 pound of chicken breast roughly diced
1 can white or sweet corn
2 cans great northern beans
1 little or big can of green chilis
1 packet taco seasoning
1 packet ranch seasoning
1 8 oz of cream cheese
1 squeeze of a lime
1/2 can of water

dice the chicken quickly and toss in the bottom of the crock pot. Add everything else except the cream cheese and the lime and stir.
cook on low 6 hr or high 4 hrs.
when 30 minutes from servicing add the cream cheese in chunks and stir . Squeeze the lime over top. serve with chips
Taco soup chilli


1 pound group beef browned and drained
1 packet of ranch seasoning
1 packet taco seasoning
1 can black beans
2 cans red kidney beans
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can corn ( if you want)
1/2 can of water

brown the meat and drain then add all of the ingredients to a crock pot and stir. cook on low for 6 hours or high for 4. Is great served with sour cream and cheese, chips or corn bread if you’re really feeling fancy.
click picture for pattern

click picture for pattern

click image for pattern

click image for pattern

make your life easier holiday tips,

  • If you're like me and take tons of great pictures on your phone but are too lazy or don't want to deal with printing them out at the store( biggest pain ever) check out . You can get the app too and then you just easyly select the pictures you want ( even from facebook or instagram) and they print free.  The shipping I think is around $9 so even with that all the free prints are a great deal. I've been really happy with the quality.
  • Another great app if you're multi taking family life and business life is ( ITTT) it's stand for if this then that.  You can easily program lots of automation on your phone. like adding appointments to calendars, pinterest and instagram hack etc 
  • knitting or crochet to avoid putting your foot in your mouth in family gathering situations ha ha


If you need some pattern ideas here are some of my favorite designers shops on ravelry

 Little monkey designs for crochet gifts and accessories  

Knitalogy for really great knit beanies and shawls

Caitlin ffrench kinda goth kinda woodsy very cool

Cassondra Rizzardi some of the most imaginative and fun patterns I've seen. 

Alicia Plummer and Melissa Schaschwary help me live out my fantasy of living a rustic north eastern life style. I've made many projects from these two.  

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Indian summer collection

Indian summer is an old expression for a lingering time of good favor and happiness.  

We've had a hot and busy summer. We're still enjoying the sun but looking forward to the cooler weather and family traditions the holidays bring.  

I hope this limited edition collection of handspun yarn and spinning fiber captures that sweet transitional  period for you too.


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Interview with Fiona Langtry

was lucky enough to meet , befriend and get to interview Fiona Langtry Australian crochet designer  we tried doing a video interview and the conversation was great but the memory in the camera was lacking. However I'm old enough to remember having to buy a phone card in high school to talk to my boyfriend who lived an hour away so it blows my mind we were able to figure out all these time differences and talk on the web with video.  As supplement here's some q&A with Fiona 




Your name & Etsy shop link:
Fiona Langtry







Tell us something interesting/unique about yourself! 

I won the Hand Sewn Needlework Grand Champion prize at the Bendigo Agricultural Show in 2013. My Mum entered one of the 2 cross-stitch tapestries I had given her for her 70th birthday.

Write 5 adjectives to describe your products.

Boho, Relaxed, Easy Going, Textured, Trendy

Where else do you advertise/sell your work? (eg. social media, markets,...) 

- Social media - I have facebook, instagram and pinterest accounts
- I've tried markets with little sucess. I live about an hour from Canberra and don't like spending every weekend away from my family, so I think my issue has been not choosing the 'right' markets... now I don't care :)
- In May 2017, two small yarn producers started displaying products made by me and selling the related patterns at markets. This is by far my preferred option as far as markets are concerned - I don't HAVE to attend, but people are still finding my patterns and are able to see and touch the results :)
- there are a lot of on-line places to sell crochet patterns and I'm slowly gaining a presence on a few of them; Ravelry and LoveKnitting both have thriving indie-designer communities and I'm working hard to sell on both sites.
- I have my own website (still not the way I want it, but it's getting there). All of my patterns are for sale there as well.

What has been the proudest moment of your journey so far?
There are 3 major milestones I've experienced in the past year:
#1 - I launched my very own, created and designed by me, website! Not as a means to get off Etsy completely, but as a platform that I can control - I LOVE it! :)
#2 - On May 18th 2017, I released a 10-piece cohesive product collection of crochet patterns, along with 5 kits. This project represented hundreds of hours of my time, and hundreds of dollars in photography and other investments, but how happy was I to be able to 'go live'?! The collection can be seen in my Etsy shop - it has it's own Section in - and/or you can see the whole thing laid out at
#3 - Twice in the last couple of months, one of my patterns has made it into the top 5 of 'Hookin on Hump Day' - an international link party where people vote by clicking on their favourite thing in fiber arts. The link party is hosted by two of the market's biggest players 'Petals to Picots' and Moogly. The fact that I've made 'top 5', means that both these bloggers have had to notice me, and that's a big deal :)

What inspired you to create your business and how long have you been trading for?

My business started in 2013, and I opened my Etsy shop in April 2014. An individual lady ordered 10 pairs of slippers from me over 2 months, which gave me the push to start a 'business'... since then, I've tried a few different directions, but crocheting ladies' accessories and layers have become my passion.
3. When shopping for woolen goodies, what should a person look for in the item?
When you are shopping for knitwear, you should look for designs which are easy-to-wear. I prefer to create 'one size fits most' designs - a relaxed fit means that most body shapes are catered for.
The yarn composition (fibers blended together) is super important - there are exclusive/expensive fibers (like alpaca, llama, silk, mohair, merino) which have the capability of turning an 'ordinary' garment into something extra special, which will last a lifetime (or 2!) Many of these fibers are extremely soft, some have water resistant properties, but all add a level of luxury to scarves, hats, gloves etc.
4. Outside your business, what inspires you?
As a practicing Christian, I am involved in a community-centered church - being around the people and seeing their needs is always inspiring. I help run a weekly craft group - collaboration is something that happens naturally and I love it
I love music - I lead the singing at church most weekends. I love seeing the colours and shapes that God has put together in nature. The place I work is set in Australian bushland - there is always something inspiring just outside the window!



My ‘Endless Summer...’ collection will be launched on July 31 


Despite living in Australia, where we’re in the middle of a pretty cold winter at the moment, I’ve been getting requests for summer patterns from my customers in the Northern Hemisphere.  As a result I’ve created a collection of summer patterns designed to be created with cotton (or similar).  These are a range of garments which can be worn to the beach, the shops, on a picnic or to a festival, keeping you cool and comfortable while staying on trend.

Included are 4 brand new crochet patterns, some gift sets, Made to Order and Ready to Ship products for the following general styles:


b)Crochet Top



I am very excited to share these with the world, after the success of my current Luxurious Layers Collection. 


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fun handspun yarn project

Alicia plummers adrift with handspun yarn

I just wanted to share this project I just finished. It's Alicia Plummer's "adrift" pattern

I used one skein of my handspun yarn 75+ yards and one skein of a natural tweed from my LYS 153 yards even though I didn't end up using all of the 153 yards so you could get less.  I used size 9 needles which works well with my bulky handspun.  

With these materials I did end up with a finished project the decisions she list but the last decorative section was a few rows short.  This didn't bother me at all and it was the same dimensions  as listed but you could easily double this pattern and materials if you wanted a longer double wrapping scarf.  

All credit given to the designer ( one of my favorites) I just wanted to promote a fun lovely project and a great use of one skein of bulky art yarn.  

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Beach yarn spinning


Even though we are in the middle of expanding to include other fiber artist on our site I love that we are primarily a family business. The girls try to help the best they can sometimes more than we need. My husband really doesn't get enough credit for his help as the self proclaimed "creative director" and head of the awesome free swag and gift with purchase department ha ha. His job is very technical and demanding so getting to be creative with the rest of us is a lot of fun for him. The other perk is we get to take our business on family vacation with us. We made our yearly pilgrimage to north myrtle beach sc ( we're from the coastal low county) and it was great to get to hang out with my mom and fellow fiber artist and get some yarn spun and hand off some fiber. Now that we're back on Knoxville we have so much to get done for the next collection release "Indian summer " July 25th 

heres some pictures from our first beach trip to oak island no with moms side of the family and a video from north myrtle beach.  


Enjoy a little behind the scenes



oh the excitement  


Oak island nc


mom and her louet  

North myrtle beach  


seagull  feeding in oak island nc


Sneak peek of some cool free swag for the holiday collection  

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DIY fiber blending board

I made a how to video for making your own fiber blending board and rolag spinning fiber.  

Check it out and hit me up with some questions, hope this is helpful. Blending your own fiber is super fun and shouldn't cost an arm and a leg in my opinion.  

My brand is called crafty housewife because I'm a big fan of finding value and frugal uses for things.  

I love the old saying from the depression era

" use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without "  


Check out for the drum carder cloth  

and your local ace hardware for the rest.  

have fun

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left handed yarn spinning , questions answered

As promised I went in search for answers to your questions about left handed spinning.  Some of you had questions about getting started spinning yarn as a left handed person.

 I did a bit of digging and asking in the fiber world to see if there were different types of spinning wheels or drop spindles that were preferred amongst left handed people and it turns out that there's really not.  

The main difference with learning to spin if your left handed is that you will be doing things backwards from what you may be seeing in how to videos or classes if the teacher is right handed.  Just like writing or cooking your dominant hand will come into play.  If you are left handed you will be drafting ( pulling the fiber slowly apart) with your left hand instead of your right.  This will only affect which hand you are using for your lead drafting and pinching hand nothing else. 

left handed spinning questions answered

While I was looking I checked out youtube to see if there was a good video to link for demo purposes and I wasn't really happy with what came up so I made one.  For unknown reasons there was a problem uploading mine so it's now in two parts so please excuse the choppy ending on video one and then continue watching on video 2.  

Please let me know what you think and if this helps to answer your questions.  For those of you who are not in my handspun yarn love group it is where these questions and discussions originally came from.  This is a private fiber group you can find off of my business page, or just searching groups on Facebook.  We would love to have you join in on the conversation.  


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Faux Cashmere review , Spinolution King Bee wheel and rainy day rambling

What better to do on a rainy nap time then to spin up some Faux Cashmere!

Spinolution King Bee

Spinolution King Bee

So I'm working on a custom colorway for a local shop ( shout out to Atomic Fibers in Oak Ridge TN). Half of the order is going to be on Merino with silver sparkles and the other half is going to be on Faux Cashmere which I was very excited that the shop owner was as excited about as I am.  I'm normally a huge fiber snob and not a huge fan of anything that's not a natural fiber but I must admit faux cashmere has brought me over to the dark side.  It spins up like a dream and is pretty brainless,  it's fluffy and light but has a decently long staple length so it's easy to achieve a thinner yarn.  I find it a bit harder to per-draft than merino or other wools so I normally end up breaking off small blobs of it and spinning thin from that which seems to work well.  Yarn spun from faux cashmere has a nice subtle sheen and is fabulously soft and light weight. It also takes dyes well and the results are normally bright and cheerful.   The best part is unlike real cashmere you wont have to take out a loan to get a decent amount to spin or knit with.  In this video you will see some faux cashmere spinning action on my Spinolution King Bee ( Love)  as well as a bit of rambling about the adventures of me and the little people and why I compulsively  spin for relaxation.  As normal feel free to hit me up with any questions or comments.  

Stay tuned for info on some late summer limited edition yarns that will be faux cashmere of course.  Joining the coupon email list is by far the best way to know when that happens and save money while you're at it.  


Name *

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Handspun yarn patterns, suggestions for 3 projects

Here is the link to the three patterns I wrote for using small amounts of handspun yarn or art yarn.  These are not exacting patterns they are detailed suggestions.  

3 handspun yarn patterns free

I have other more official patterns on on this site they are also free, they are also meant to be knit with handspun yarn alone or mixed in with yarn from your favorite yarn shop.  

This PDF with the three small patterns are free, please enjoy and I hope they inspire you to make something beautiful out of you're yarn stash.  

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Thick and thin handspun yarn knitting tips

As someone who is in the handspun yarn business I'm always sad when I'm checking out google and see blog post from people who claim to be having trouble knitting with handspun yarn.  This is what promoted me to write my earlier blog post on knitting with hand spun.  Now if you haven't been living under a rock you've probably noticed that the "thick and thin " or big chunky single ply yarn has been " in vogue " here lately.  My first pet peeve is that giant balls of roving wool keep being listed for sale on Etsy as "chunky yarn".  I Think this is a shame because a novice knitter could buy this and try to knit one of those giant yarn blankets out of it and then be out a lot of money and very sad when it starts pulling part due to the fact that it has no twist and is not actually yarn.  Secondly this really muddies the water for those of us actually in the yarn selling business if that's what people now think chunky or bulky yarn is.  

I had just finished making a really lovely infinity cowl made from my merino thick and thin yarn for a customer and friend and after working with the yarn I figured it wouldn't hurt to put out a short ( hopefully somewhat funny and informative video).

 I know I use you tube all the time for everything from drum carder techniques to why is my garage door not working right? So when I try to find the answer to a particular question and I can't find exactly what I'm looking for I figure I can't be the only one.  So for as much as I'm not looking to become the next star you tuber. I'll leave that to my two girls who love to make videos for the grandparents. I figured this might help someone.    Below are some really pretty projects I found on pinterest for knitting with bulky thick and thin yarn.  They are saved to my "handspun yarn dream projects board" and conveniently linked below for your viewing pleasure.  

Click on the images below for links to the pins with more info on the thick and thin handspun yarn projects

Click on the images below to see examples of thick and thin yarn in my shop.  Some are more sublte in thick and thin nature than others. 

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Fabulous historical spinning videos

I know I haven't had time to write much.  But I have literally either had a baby climbing on me ( like right at this minute) or have been spinning lots of yarn.  I am proud to announce that Crafty Housewife yarns is now featured in two yarn shops in TN.  Loopville in Knoxville and Atomic Fibers in Oak Ridge.  While trapped under a baby I did stumble across a cool video seris on youtube.  They appear to be the work of Lois Swales, who has a blog .  It does look like it hasn't been updated in a while but she has a treasure trove of great info for any one interested in Spinning or Fiber Arts.  I also admire her scene of humor.  With out further a dew.

Me trapped under the little people

Me trapped under the little people

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Yarn and Handicrafts of the Smokey Mountains

Having recently moved to the smokey mountains of TN and being from a family who is historically from the area I felt compelled to learn about the area.  My two little girls were just at their grandparents in SC for a few days so I took the opportunity to drive to all of the local yarn shops in my surrounding area.  That's one thing I love about having something you are passionately interested in is it gives you great excuse to explore and meet new people. I found many different and interesting yarn shops from Atomic Fibers in Oak ridge ( named for the towns ties with nuclear power)  to Clinch river Yarns ( in a cute old house in Clinton TN ).  I also made the short trip from my new home to Gatlinburg TN to visit a place called " The Spinnery" It's a lovely drive past Dollywood down a winding road that cuts through the mountians, moss and over a creek to Gatlinburg.  The Spinnery is located right downtown and is a trove of beautiful yarns, fibers, wheels and tools.  One of the laides who worked there spent lots of time explaining all of the different historical fiber processing tools to me. I am thrilled that I picked up a new pair of hand made wool combs which will greatly help with processing my Tunis wool for my shop.   

I appreciate all of the time spent on me because I know they two ladies there were working very hard restocking the entire store due to smoke damage from the recent tragic fires in Gatlinburg TN.  Even though we were living in TN at the time it's easy to feel removed from such sadness.  I am so thankful that this lovely store and all of it's history was saved.  If you looked out the windows you could see directly next door a building and surrounding woods were completely gone.  They were very happy to tell me that "Ms. Ruby" a life size wool felted and ceramic statue of an old woman weaving was still safe. She is made by a local ceramic artist who tried her hand and felting and did an outstanding job.  She is so life like she's almost creepy. 

I found this great old video from 1947 about the people and heritage of the Great Smokey Mountains.  They of course all reminded me of Ms. Ruby.  The whole 15 mins is great but if you skip to 8:30 it has a short bit about hand spun yarn and weaving.  

It all reminds me of one of my favorite sayings

"Use it up, wear it out, make it due, or do without"

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History of Yarn Spinning ( in Donegal Ireland)

I found this gem of a video on youtube and felt the need to share it.  I had set out to find some history of yarn spinning and knitting(the anthropologist in me) and stumbled upon it.  The video is filmed in Donegal county in Ireland, which conquidently is one of the places I did field work while in college.  Donegal is the breathtakingly beautiful north west corner of Ireland that many tourist don't go to.  It is also well known for it's sheep and strong cultural heritage.  

Sheep at the Silver strand beach in Glencolmcille Ireland

Sheep at the Silver strand beach in Glencolmcille Ireland

Even though I wasn't a knitter at the time, I was able to go to the cultural center where I learned about the history of the surrounding area and their strong ties to sheep herding and wool.  I was able to make a small tapestry out of the hand dyed handspun yarn. It was also very common place while you were walking through the small town of  Glencolmcille to pass old men walking their sheep from once place to the next.  This county is also famous for it's beautiful thick fisherman sweaters that we always picture when thinking of celtic knits.  I really wish I had bought one in retrospect but they were costly(as they should be) and I was a 19 year old college student trading  cigarettes for drinks and it wasn't in the budget at the time. ( not a smoker but my dad insisted I take American cigarettes  to give to the locals, thanks dad)

I absolutely love this video all the way from the grainy quality to the wonderful old ladies and all of their different styles of wheel.  It truly captures the thriftiness and sociability of yarn and knitting that I think attracts so many of us to this craft to this day.  It's a bit slow starting  off so if you're in a hurry maybe skip ahead a few minutes to where you start seeing the spinning.  

Please share this post if you care to. I"m assuming if you are reading this you probably share my love of traditional hand crafts so lets help keep the understanding and tradition alive. I know that's what I"m trying to do every time I spin.  That's what I"m hoping to do by selling yarn is not to just keep my personal stash from getting out of control but to do my part in keeping the appreciation of handspun yarn and hand knit items alive.  

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knitting for stress relief

Well here at Crafty Housewife yarns(aka Me)  we are in the process moving. I'm finding that it is very hard to be a housewife and stay at home mom, crafty or otherwise while living in a hotel.

 This has been a less than glamours experience so far.  While I am very happy for an opportunity to movie closer to family so that we don't have to endure flying for 14 hours with two toddlers everytime we want to visit people, leaving our well established lives not to mention partners and friends  in all things fiber in the pacific NW has not been easy.  

You always hear how good knitting and spinning is for stress relief I feel like I've been putting that theory to the test here lately.  

The first obvious benefit is that it is very portable.  It was a two day process of a team of movers packing up our house.  I'm super grateful that I didn't have to pack up all of our belonging because lets face it that would have involved not moving or selling everything we owned, but it was a very odd place to find yourself out of place and in the way in while strangers go through everything you own.  This is where knitting first came in handy.  It gave me an excuse to hide in the stairwell by myself with headphones and a tablet watching Bob's burgers, knitting and trying not to think too hard about what was going on.  The second benefit you hear for the stress reliving qualities of knitting is the meditative quality of the repeating stitches.  Having made it to the long term hotel in Knoxville where we will be living after 3 days of packing, house selling and traveling that I hope to completely block from memory I could defiantly use some mental distraction.  I had packed some yarn that I've had in my stash for awhile, a beautiful hand dyed fingering weight.  It reminds me of the colors of the fall leaves of the mountains and Im hoping it will help me start to feel more at home and excited to be here.  

It is also been resheared that  crafting  practices like knitting, spinning and crochet help with enhancing cognitive function, Lord knows I need all of the help I can get in that department.  Here is an excerpt form the New York times:

"Perhaps most exciting is research that suggests that crafts like knitting and crocheting may help to stave off a decline in brain function with age. In a 2011 study, researchers led by Dr. Yonas E. Geda, a psychiatrist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., interviewed a random sample of 1,321 people ages 70 to 89, most of whom were cognitively normal, about the cognitive activities they engaged in late in life. The study, published in the Journal of Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Neurosciences, found that those who engaged in crafts like knitting and crocheting had a diminished chance of developing mild cognitive impairment and memory loss." 


Last but probably most importantly the art of working with yarn and fiber helps to relieve stress because you're actually making something! It's exciting to have something calming to think about like the details of picking the perfect amount and type of yarn to go with a new pattern you're excited about. You can either get complex by slightly altering a pattern to fit your needs and figuring out exactly how to do it, or you can just start knitting a simple scarf or cowl from left over stash yarn or something special you may have picked up(I know a good place to get something special, ha ha) Not many stress relieving practices also reward you with the feeling of accomplishment and a cute new item when you're done. I know any time I see something I made by hand or was made for me by someone else it makes me smile, even if it's just a dish cloth.  

So take it from me, a long time fiber arts and crafts person as well as an expert at stressing out that knitting or crochet even if it's super simple and brainless while you watch too much ancient aliens or real housewives of ATL can really help.